CIIF Market 2021 has invited leading analysts, consultants, producers, distributors, film funds and festival programmers from other countries (online participation due to the current pandemic situation), who will advise the project designers in the pitching sessions and in the one to one meetings.


*There may be changes




Sociologist and cultural manager. Works as teacher, consultant and audience designer. She is part of the Berlinale-World Cinema Fund team. She regularly participates in project selection committees, as a juror or speaker. Member of MAFF (Malaga Festival Fund and Co-Production Event) selection committee and project mentor. Isona has also been part of the selection committees of ICAA, ICEC, Regional Government of Andalusia, Media Single Project and Slate Funding, among others.



Promenades Films is a french production company founded in 1996 focused mainly in international minority coproduction. Amongst its titles: Ceniza negra (Costa Rica) by Sofía Quiroz – Cannes Critic Week 2019; the multi-awarded Perro bomba by Juan Cáceres (2019), Santa and Andres (Cuba) by Carlos Lechuga, premiered at Toronto 2016; El silencio del rio by Carlos Tribino (Colombia), best Colombian film at Cartagena Film Festival 2015 and El silencio del viento (Puerto Rico) by Álvaro Aponte-Centeno premiered and awarded at Mar del Plata 2017. Among other activities, Samuel Chauvin has participated as expert in a huge number of international coproduction workshops as Bolivia Lab, Morelia Lab, EICTV (Cuba) and Sembrando Cine (Caracas, Venezuela). Also, as jury member in Bolivia Lab, Riviera Maya Lab, Habana Film Festival, Cartagena Film Festival and at Proimágenes Colombia.



Journalist, writer, film critic, consultant and film-club host. From 1997-2007 he has contributed to numerous international film festivals, including the Locarno International Film Festival and Venice International Film Festival. In 2002, he founded the Alba Infinity Festival, for which he acted as artistic director until 2007; in 2008 he was artistic director at Festival dei Popoli in Florence. From 2011 to 2017 he was the director of Visions du Réel in Nyon. Currently he serves as artistic consultant in a series of international markets and festivals.



Pablo Iraola was born in Buenos Aires in 1966 but moved to Lisbon in 2008. One year later he co-founded Ukbar Filmes one of the leading independent Portuguese movies companies. Pablo is also the co-owner of Muiraquitã Filmes, a Brazil-based production company that have released multi-awarded documentaries. He is a tutor at the Bienalle College of Cinema.



He has worked as director, TV producer, consultant, journalist and editor. He directed The Circus Dynasty selected in the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) 2014 and The invisible cell, awarded with a Bodil for best documentary in 2010. He has served as commissioning editor at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) and was co-owner of Hansen & Pedersen Film. Currently, holds the position of documentary films commissioning editor at the Danish Film Institute (DFI).



In 1993 he founded the CINELATINO Festival in Tübingen, one of the most important forums for the promotion of Latin American and Spanish cinema in Germany, and of which he is also the artistic director. He has been a member of the selection committee of the Locarno International Film Festival (Switzerland), the Tübingen-Stuttgart French Film Festival (Germany) and advisor for Latin American films for the Director’s Fortnight from Cannes. In 2012 he worked as curator of the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film’s Latin American Forum, dedicated to Latin American documentary film.

In 2016 he was curator for the Goethe Institut of the program DIRE@TORAS, dedicated to short films from women directors from Germany, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. He regularly works as a tutor for Latin American projects in the Talent Projects at the Coproduction Market – Berlinale. He was industry tutor for the Mexican filmmaker Fernando Eimbcke at the Berlinale Residency 2015. Since 2016 he works as teacher for Project Development Strategies at the Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV (EICTV) de San Antonio de los Baños in Cuba. Currently, he works as head of the “Núcleo Criativo” for the production company Filmes de Abril (São Paulo, Brazil), where he does consulting for film projects in development.



In 2005 she received the FICE award for Best Independent Producer. She is a member of the David di Donatello Film Academy (Italy); member of the jury of the Script Development Fund of the Amiens Film Festival; tutor of the TyPA Foundation (Argentina) in the Latin American project development workshop; tutor of projects in development of the BRLab; selector and jury of the New Cinema Network – Co-Production Market of the Rome International Film Festival and Member of the Board of the Bolzano-Alto Adige Sudtirol (BLS) Production Fund, among others.

She has served as executive or associate producer on countless films including, to name a few: To the Revolution on a Two Horse (Maurizio Sciarra, 2001), Vodka Lemon (Hiner Salem, 2003), The Claim (Stefano Pasetto 2009), Planta madre Gianfranco Quattrini, 2014) or The Nest (Matia Temponi, 2021). She participates in top level international markets as an analyst and production advisor for screenplays and projects in development.



He is the coordinator and programmer of the Malaga Work In Progress (MAFIZ – Malaga Film Festival). Artistic and industry director of FIDBA, Buenos Aires International Documentary Film Festival and Director of Buenos Aires Doclab, Ibero-American Workshop for the Development of Documentary Projects. Was coordinator of the INCAA, the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts of Argentina Documentary Incubator, and the Documentary area of Ventana Sur.

Producer of more than 20 documentaries and partner of Neko, an auteur film distribution company. In 2010 creates Imposible Films, his own production house of auteur documentaries, from where he supports and produces first and second films by filmmakers with a personal and original look on the world and the cinematographic form. His productions have been selected in festivals such as Visions du Réel, Bafici, Cinema du Réel, DocLisboa, Biarritz, Dok Fest and Mar del Plata, among others. He serves also as project tutor at Doculab Guadalajara, DocsDF, Sanfic, Festival Internacional de Cali and BoliviaLab.



Bachelor in Government, Public Management and Political Sciences and Public Administrator of the University of Chile. Master in Public Policy and Government from FLACSO, with more than 18 years of specialization and research in economy, creative industries and creative sectors. Academic in renownUniversities. Invited by the Public Policy Program of the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, Harvard University. He designed and led CORFO’s Film and Audiovisual Industry Development Program in Chile.

Founding member of the Council of Art and Audiovisual Industry of Chile. He has held senior public management positions for the promotion of the creative sectors and the Creative Industry. He has been ministerial advisor on economy and culture. He has designed and executed policies, plans and programs for the promotion of the Arts in Chile and for international institutions. He was Executive Secretary of the Interministerial Committee of the Creative Economy and main promoter of strategic actions in Latin America for sectors such as film, publishing, fashion, music, among others. He is an international consultant in matters of promoting creative industry & sectors.



Co-founder of Faction Films, with over thirty years of experience as a producer and director. She has made programmes for UK broadcasters – BBC, Channel 4, ITV – and internationally – NETFLIX, RTE, PBS, NHK, ARTE, SBS, AVRO, STV, AJ and YLE amongst others. She has done coproductions in Latin American countries such as Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, and also in India, South Africa, Australia and Japan.

Her films range from the social and political to the arts, and include Picturing Derry (Northern Ireland), War Takes (war in Colombia), Tales Beyond Solitude (Gabriel Garcia Marquez on writing for cinema), Love Honour and Disobey (domestic violence), Chevolution (feature documentary), that was released in cinemas and has been sold to broadcasters around the world, Educating Igor, Android in La La (Gary Numan) and Gemfields VR. Her films have won prizes in New York, Havana and Ireland among others. Sylvia has been the EAVE Documentary Expert since 2005 and has run workshops in Colombia, South Africa, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey and Cuba.




Luis has extensive experience working in different aspects of the film and television industries, primarily as a development director and executive producer. He has produced plentiful works in television and film, both fiction, documentary and entertainment. He is a member of the network of European producers, ACE (Ateliers du Cinema Européen) and EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepeneurs). He is also a member of the Spanish Academy of Cinematography and the European Film Academy.