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CIIF Market Lab is renewed in its second edition with a program of training activities for screenwriters, with several days in which online workshops on techniques and tools for pitching will be given, as well as individual tutorials and a masterclass on marketing for screenwriters.


Feature film
Genre: Thriller
Country: Spain
Direction and Scriptwriter Guillermo Cabot
Delegate at CIIF Market: Guillermo Cabot / Director, Screenwriter


Ana and Val are a middle-aged couple living in a big city. They have just bought a small rundown flat to fix it up and rent it out. While they are working to refurbish the flat, they discover among the old letters in the letterbox one addressed to the previous tenant, whose young son needs urgent medical treatment. Ana, worried, tries to find her on her own, given her husband’s inaction. The task will not be easy because she is an illegal immigrant who has not shown any signs of life for months and about whom there is hardly any information other than the non-payment she left to the previous landlady. This search will become an obsession that will lead to an unexpected situation in which another very different search will begin.


Feature film
Genre: Drama
Country: Spain
Direction and Scriptwriter: Jeniffer Castañeda García
Delegate at CIIF Market: Jeniffer Castañeda / Director, Screenwriter


Silvia (20) is a university student with a very attractive appearance, although very unsure of herself. Regardless of her appearance, Silvia lives her youth like many other young people: in reality… and in the social media, a universe where everything seems to be desirable, more valuable, more worthy, more attractive, and more valuable. Without expecting it, a fortuitous event leads Silvia to receive an offer for a service as an escort, only as a luxury escort without sex. In the most absolute secrecy, Silvia ends up immersed in a luxury prostitution from which she not only doesn’t know how to get out, but she doesn’t even know if she really wants to… After a sexual assault, all her secrets will come to light. Secrets that only time and distance will be able to erase.