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Four audiovisual projects in development from the Canary Islands in search of financing and coproduction partners, aimed for the European and international marketplace have been selected taking into account its quality, global appeal, talent of producers, directors and the viability of the financing plan.


Feature film
Genre: Drama
Country: Spain (Canary Islands)
Director: Paula Bilbao Aragon
Production Company: Amissus Producciones
Delegates at CIIF Market: Paula Bilbao – Director / Daute Campos – Producer /Javier Morala – Screenwriter


After more than 20 years Fer returns to El Hierro to receive the inheritance for the death of his hated father that would allow him to move forward in his life. When he arrives to Tigaday he will have to face his past and countless problems in order to get the money. The first one: his father is not dead.


Feature film
Genre: Romantic Horror Drama
Country: Spain (Canary Islands)
Director: Tommy Llorens
Production Company: Muak Canarias
Delegates at CIIF Market: Tommy Llorens – Director / Rita Vera – Executive Producer


A beautiful middle-aged woman is forced to return to her small village in La Gomera and take over the old family house after 40 years of absence. She will try to rebuild her life and overcome her illness. There, she will face her most feared demon… her dead mother.


Feature film
Genre: Adventure
Country: Spain (Canary Islands)
Director: Patrick Bencomo Weber
Production Company: MGC Marketing
Delegates at CIIF Market: Patrick Bencomo – Director, Scriptwriter


Summer is here. Tomás (13) and his friends have no plans, they will once again spend their holidays at home, but this is not going to be just any summer. To entertain themselves, they follow Tomás’ father, a scholar of the paranormal world obsessed with UFOs. In this way, they will discover a fantastic being of their own age, coming from an unknown world: Atlantis. Between disbelief and fascination, they will help him, through countless adventures, to return to his world, his lost city, together with his family and thus save his citizens from a terrible end.


Feature film
Genre: Social drama
Country: Spain (Canary Islands)
Director: Arima León
Production Company: La Magua Films
Delegates at CIIF Market: Eric Ceballos – Associate Producer


After months of protests, Juana and Águeda return to work in the tomato greenhouses after the successful creation of the tomato union. However, the reality is that their working conditions continue to be appalling. The tension causes a rift between the sisters, who take refuge in their new relationships. Juana becomes pregnant by Antonio and Águeda, who is married to a violent man, begins to feel a strong desire for Mari, a new colleague from the harvest. To get more money for her wedding, Juana starts working in the tomato warehouse at night. Disagreements with the manager and the rough work cause her to miscarry. When she learns what has happened to her sister, Agueda convinces the warehouse workers to stop production and return to the protests. Hearing the march near her house, Juana gets out of bed and, with the help of her sister, joins the demonstration, shouting “¡Arriba d’ellos!