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The in-development docuseries “Diario de un infiltrado”, by Vértice 360(Spain) and Biosférica Filmes(Chile), wins the first Canary Islands International Film Market 2022 award for the project with the greatest international scope and also wins one of the MAFIZ (Málaga Festival Industry Zone) Awards.

The drama “Maybe” (La Magua Films, Naif Films, Amissus Producciones), wins the Canary Islands Film Award for the best Canary Islands project. The thriller series “Tangier”, by El Gato Verde Producciones (Spain) and SP-i(Portugal) is the winning project of the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife Award for attendance to the European audiovisual market.

The Canarian literary work “El círculo de los espejos” (Editorial Docemasuna) by CIIF Market Lab, wins the Music Library & SFX Award and the Adapta Market Award.

Around 400 individual meetings were held between project delegates and invited host companies to explore new financing avenues and encourage co-productions, and in the case of CIIF Market Lab literary works, to analyze their possibilities for adaptation to different screens.

The eighteenth edition of the Canary Islands International Film Market ends with great success. An edition that has aroused great interest in the film and audiovisual sector, as evidenced by the more than 80 projects received and 40 literary works to attend the first edition of CIIF Market Lab, Laboratorio de Obras Literarias Canarias.

Eighteen national and international film and television projects were selected at CIIF Marketin search of financing and investment opportunities. Authors of five literary works from the Canary Islands have also had the opportunity to present their books to the film and audiovisual industry.

Projects involving debut films, independent productions and others with renowned directors and producers have participated, demonstrating the diversity and projection achieved in this edition.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife has become from November 22 to 27 at the meeting point between cinema and literature, between the creation and production, between the Canarian, national and international talent and business management, bringing together more than a hundred professionals from the sector (filmmakers, screenwriters, directors, producers, distributors, sales agents, television channels, etc.), as well as local writers and editors and radio and television media , written and specialized press.

CIIF Market is configured as a strategic appointment for the Canary Islands audiovisual industry, both nationally and internationally, to attract producers, find new projects and offer the islands for filming and tax benefits.

CIIF Market 2022 and CIIF Market Lab work agenda

The delegates of the projects have benefited from a intense personalized agenda of appointments and activities withthe invited professionals and potential investors for co-produce their projects, attend different events and panels and discussions and to other networking activities, such as the realization of location tours to showcase the islands to new producers interested in filming on the islands. Canary Islands.

The following have been carried out pitching sessions of the selected film and/or audiovisual projects and literary works in attendance, before more than 25 recipient companiesamong them, A Contracorriente Films, Álamo Producciones, Alba Produzioni, Alesa Produccions, Youplanet Pictures, Bendita Film Sales, Faction Films, El Viaje Films, Filmax, Hansen & Pedersen, Latido Films, Macaronesia Films, Scenic Rights, Secuoya Studios, and Radio Televisión Canaria..

Following the public presentations of each project and work, about 400 individual meetingsin the business area enabledin the Hotel Iberostar Heritage Grand Mencey with these potential investors, production companies, distributors, sales agents, analysts, television networks and other experts, in order to continue the advance of the project, explore new avenues of financing and encouraging co-productionsand in the case of the literary works of CIIF Market Labto evaluate their adaptation possibilities to the different screens.

All of them have contributed their point of view, advising on the projects and works, with the aim of enriching them and optimizing their production possibilities. Receiving companies have described this market in the Canary Islands as an opportunity to learn in depth about other perspectives, and discover new talent with great potential that knows how to tell stories, creating a remarkable industrial fabric and close in CIIF Market to generate synergies in a natural way.

For their part, the designers in general have been very satisfied with their presence at the market, and have described this experience as an invaluable opportunity to make themselves known so that their work can continue to grow, expand contacts and try to generate co-production alliances.

CIIF Market 2022 Awards

The 18th edition of the Canary Islands International Film Market has awarded the following prizes to the selected projects, as well as the Canary Islands literary works of CIIF Market Lab, to promote and encourage the development and internationalization of film and audiovisual production:

CIIF Market Santa Cruz de Tenerife AwardThe CIIF Market Santa Cruz de Tenerife Award, presented by Juan José Martínez, Councilor of Finance and Patrimony of the City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, to the project with the greatest international scope, with a cash prize and a travel bag to attend an international market of their choice:

“Diary of an infiltrator, a docuseries project directed by Saúl Valverde and Samuel León; produced by Alberto Rull and Samuel León(Vértice 360(Spain) and Biosférica Filmes(Chile). It tells the true story of Spanish filmmaker and producer Miguel Herberg, who infiltrated the Pinochet regime and helped uncover the concentration camps in Chile.

Cabildo Insular de Tenerife Award for attendance at a European market, presented by Liskel Álvarez Domínguez, Delegate Councilor for External Action of the Cabildo of Tenerife, to the project with the greatest European scope, which awards free accreditation to the leading European market of your choice:

“Tangier”, series project directed by Benito Zambrano and produced by El Gato Verde Producciones(Spain) and SP-i(Portugal). Thriller set in Tangier in 1953 and a missing convoy of chemical weapons belonging to the Spanish army barracks.

Canary Islands Film AwardThe Canary Islands Film Award, presented by Natacha Mora, coordinator of Canary Islands Film, to the best Canary Islands project, which rewards the winner with a travel bag to attend a sectorial market:

“Maybe”, a feature film project directed by Arima León and produced by Daute Campos(La Magua Films, Naif Films and Amissus Producciones). Drama set in the 1970s, starring writer Natalia Sosa, who works as a secretary in the tour of Argentina of world-famous trapeze artist Pinito del Oro, with whom she falls in love and considers the great love of her life. An impossible love for which Pinito is not willing to sacrifice her international career and public image.

Filmarket Hub Award, with access to its online platform through an exclusive invitation to exhibit in the catalog for unlimited time, within the curated industry area, and where a script analysis of the same will be offered:

“Los pasajeros del último viaje(Cuba, Colombia), a feature film project directed by Marta María Borrás andproduced by Dany Celeiro Rodríguez and Ivette Liang. Drama about a young single mother who cannot afford to pay the rent on her apartment and decides to move in with her neighbor, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Deceiving her, he pretends to be her daughter, who abandoned her some time ago.

Music Library & SFX Award (ex aequo), consisting of a flat fee limited to one free production, which will allow the synchronization of production music from the Music Library & SFX catalogs into the project content, through its 360º chord music supervision division, and coverage of major rights for multiplatform broadcast worldwide and for the life of the content:

“Los años fríos” (The Cold Years) (Spain), a feature film project directed by Nadia Mata Portillo and produced by Carlota Coronado(Zampano Producciones). Social drama about a fifteen-year-old boy who has to comply with his grandmother’s “secret plan”, and if he doesn’t, he will end up in a juvenile center or under the guardianship of his abusive father. The appearance of an Argentine woman in her thirties will shake the plan.

“The last days on earth” (Mexico), a feature film project directed by Bárbara Balsategui and produced by Ózcar Ramírez(Arte Mecánica). A drama about a suicidal fifty-something man and a wild twenty-something woman, who accidentally meet on the road and embark on a journey where they can help each other and fulfill their destinies.

MAFIZ Award (Malaga Festival Industry Zone) to attend the Malaga Festival Industry Zone 2023, which grants two projects, one Spanish and one Latin American, with premium access to all the exclusive activities of the industry area of the Malaga Festival, as well as to the festival’s own activities.

“Diary of an infiltrator, a docuseries project directed by Saúl Valverde and Samuel León; produced by Alberto Rull and Samuel León(Vértice 360(Spain) and Biosférica Filmes(Chile).

“Los pasajeros del último viaje(Cuba, Colombia), a feature film project directed by Marta María Borrás andproduced by Dany Celeiro Rodríguez and Ivette Liang.

In the category of Canarian literary works of CIIF Market Lab, the prizes awarded are:

Music Library & SFX Award – Literary Workwhich will get a flat rate, in case it is taken to the different screens, limited to a free production, which will allow the synchronization of production music from the Music Library & SFX catalogs, through its 360º music supervision division Acorde to the project.

“The Circle of Mirrors”(Docemasuna Publishing Services), by author Falbalá Kross, first novel of the trilogy “Our Other Reality”, a science fiction saga full of emotion and mystery.

Adapta Market Awardalso to the work “The circle of mirrors”, which will include an analysis of its adaptation potential on the Adapta Market platform and free registration, where producers and screenwriters interested in seeking new stories through literature will be able to contact each other and facilitate these professional meetings.

Parallel activities: CIIF Market Lab

During CIIF Market 2022, activities for the training and professionalization of the sector were scheduled, which were attended by participants, institutions, local organizations and the general public interested in the audiovisual industry.

The authors and/or editors of the works selected in the first edition of CIIF Market Lab have received mentoring classes, review of dossiers and elaboration of exhaustive analysis of the compositions to enhance their adaptation possibilities, in collaboration with the Adapta Market platform. Individual tutorials and an online pitch workshop were held to improve and sell their projects to the audiovisual industry.

The following conferences and panels were held:

On Wednesday, November 23, the colloquium “The rise of adaptations: old and new relationships between the audiovisual and publishing sectors” took place, with the participation of Joana Chilet, director of Adapta Market, and Ignacio Díaz, director of Operations at Scenic Rights.

The session focused on the increase of literary adaptations to different film and audiovisual screens, as they are becoming more and more common, becoming a worldwide phenomenon. There has always been a high share of adaptations, but nowadays there is much more awareness due to the rise of platforms, which has increased the demand and supply of content and the emergence of new production companies and creatives.

This has led to a growth in the industrial fabric and has created the need to differentiate. In this differentiation of emerging creatives and consolidated directors, a project that can offer a different, original and fresh content can come from the hand of a literary adaptation, which offers an already created universe, a world of readers already predisposed to see this production, with a commercial performance that helps this differentiation and sell the project more strongly.

All of this was discussed with Scenic Rights, leading agency in the representation of intellectual properties of the most important authors and creatives in Spain, Latam and US Hispanics, with offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Mexico City and Prague, which has led it to participate in more than a hundred projects in different phases (Hernán, El Cid, La Templanza, Memorias de Idhún, Promesas de arena, La Cocinera de Castamaretc.).

Adapta Market is a web platform designed to act as a bridge between literature and audiovisuals, to promote literary adaptations to the screen. The main objective is to bring together people who work in the literary world and those who are part of the audiovisual world.

On Thursday 24, the conference “How to face the challenges of a changing market”, the report that will soon be presented by the MEDIA Spain Office The meeting was also an opportunity to discuss the reality of the sector in Europe, and it became clear that we are operating in a market that is evolving at different levels.

The multiplication of windows and broadcasting channels has the effect of a high demand for content. Globalization turns local into glocal and content travels to distant countries as never before. At the same time, an accelerated consolidation process makes some companies grow and endangers many others, posing a clear question: how should we position ourselves in this context, from Spain and the Canary Islands?

The panel was able to draw several conclusions, such as the need for more training and knowledge of a business in continuous transformation, access to new tools for content distribution and how to visualize it in order to enter an increasingly globalized market. In this scenario, the role of management continues to be of vital importance for the growth of the content industry. The role of public administrations is to provide the necessary resources to continue progressing through aid and to maintain contact with the private sector, listen to their demands and implement different measures.

Participants included Peter Andermatt, director of the MEDIA Office in Spain, Natacha Mora, coordinator of Canary Islands Film, Manuel Monzón, producer of A Contracorriente Films, and Roberto Serrano, assistant director of Fiction at Secuoya Studios, and Gisela Cuevas (moderator), representative of the Board of Directors of PNR(Plataforma de Nuevos Realizadores).

On the other hand, there have been more than 3,000 views on CIIF Market ‘s YouTube channel and videos on social networks, with presentation of contents, conferences, interviews and statements from participants and sponsoring and collaborating organizations and institutions, as well as daily summaries of this edition.

Canary Islands International Film Market is already starting to work on its 19th edition, which is expected to bring forward its dates, with new lines to broaden its contents and the objective of continuing to be a reference framework in Canary Islands for the growth in production and the international projection of new talents in the film and audiovisual industrywith a view to further connection withLatin America, not to mention Europe,” he announced Guillermo Rios, director of CIIF Market during his closure.

CIIF Market is organized by Festeam Comunicación y Eventos S.Lwith the main sponsorship of Cabildo de Tenerife, Government of the Canary Islands, through the Instituto Canario de Desarrollo Cultural, Canary Islands Film and PROEXCA; Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council; Sociedad de Desarrollo de Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife Film Commission, Clúster Audiovisual de Canarias y Macaronesia Films.

It has the collaboration of, among other entities, Adapta Market, ACTE Canarias, IsLABentura Canarias, River Flow Pictures, Filmarket Hub, Clúster Audiovisual de Canarias, MAFIZ (Málaga Festival Industry Zone), Music Library & SFX, Rahn Mercedes Benz, ZEC (Zona Especial Canaria), PNR (Plataforma de Nuevos Realizadores) and Cima Impulsa.