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The documentary feature film in development by En Buen Sitio Producciones ( Spain ), directed by Natxo Leuza and produced by Jokin Pascual , receives the first prize of the edition for the best international project .

“El cartero” ( Mexico ), directed and produced by Andrés Díaz ( Inoxidable Films ), Cabildo de Tenerife Award for the project with the greatest European scope and MAFIZ Award for the best Latin American project. “A supermarket in Tigaday” ( Spain), by Paula Bilbao , produced by Amissus Producciones , winner of the Canary Islands Film Award for the best Canarian project.

CIIF Market Awards 2023

Canary Islands International Film Market has awarded several prizes to promote the development of the participating projects and their promotion abroad:

CIIF Market Santa Cruz de Tenerife Award for the best international project, consisting of a cash prize and a travel bag to attend an international market of their choice, which went to “Black Water” ( Spain ), a documentary feature film directed by Natxo Leuza and Produced by En Buen Sitio Producciones. With Jokin Pascual as producer and Marga Gutiérrez as production director.

Cabildo de Tenerife Award for the project with the greatest European scope, with free accreditation to attend a European film and/or audiovisual market. Awarded to “El cartero ” ( Mexico ), a feature film directed, produced and with a script by Andrés Díaz (Inoxidable Films).

Canary Islands Film Award , for the best Canarian project, with a travel bag to attend a sectoral market with international projection, for “A supermarket in Tigaday” , a feature film directed by Paula Bilbao Aragón and produced by Daute Campos (Amissus Producciones), with a script by Javier Morala.

MAFIZ Award ( Málaga Festival Industry Zone ), awarded two prizes: to the national project and Latin American project with the greatest co-production potential, which will obtain premium access to all the exclusive activities of the industry area of ​​the Malaga Festival 2024, as well as its own activities of the festival.

The Spanish project that won the MAFIZ Award was “Stolen Kisses” ( Spain, Dominican Republic ), a comedy by A Poco a Poco Producciones, directed by Federico Alonso and Luis Arambilet. With production and script also by Federio Alonso and Juan Miguel Botía.

The Latin American project awarded the MAFIZ Award was “El cartero” ( Mexico ), by Andrés Díaz (Inoxidable Films).

The Music Library & SFX Award offers a flat rate limited to one free production, which will allow the synchronization of production music from the Music Library & SFX catalogs into the project content, through its music supervision division 360º Acorde. Awarded for “Call Manager Please!” ( Portugal ), a comedy by Hermano Moreira and produced by Bruno Contin (Manilha Filmes).

Filmarket Hub Award grants both a series and a feature film, access to its online market, through an exclusive invitation to exhibit in its catalog for an unlimited time, within the curated industry area, including a script analysis of it.

The winning series was “Decibel” ( Argentina ), a thriller directed by Pablo Agüero and produced by Mil Monos. Project created by Nicolás Britos and written by Nicolás Britos and Maximiliano Monzón.

The award-winning feature film was “Tomate” (Spain – Canary Islands), a social drama directed by Arima León and produced by Eric Ceballos (La Magua Films).

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