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  • 4 Spanish projects under development, 1 Italian and 7 from six Latin American countries (Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru) have been selected in search of financing
  • 5 Canarian projects will participate in the Focus Canarias section and They will carry out interesting workshops and colloquiums aimed at training and professionalization of the cinematographic and audiovisual sector
  • 7 Canarian literary works will be valued for possible adaptation to different screens

holy Cruz de Tenerife, September 25, 2019.- The City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has hosted this morning the presentation of the 16th edition of the Canary Islands International Film Market, which will be held from October 8 to 12 at the Tenerife capital.

In the event, where the CIIF Market 2019 participants were announced, as well as such as the activities that will be held throughout the market and that are detailed then they have appeared laureano Pérez Rodríguez, director of Economic Promotion of the Government of the Canary Islands; Patricia Hernández Gutiérrez, mayoress of Santa Cruz de Tenerife; matilda Zambudio, First Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Economic Promotion, Culture, Tourism and Historical Heritage of the City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife; and Guillermo Ríos Bordón, director of CIIF Market.

CIIF Market 2019, whose official venue will be the Hotel Iberostar Grand Hotel Mencey, will bring together production companies, television channels, distributors, as well as other industry agents, with the aim of contributing to its development and become a meeting point and business space to explore new funding channels and encourage the co-production of projects for the European and international market.

In addition, in the crosshairs to continue expanding actions and stimulate the creation cinematographic and audiovisual, CIIF Market has wanted this year to give a new boost to the market by inviting Canarian literary works with the opportunity to be presented and evaluated for their possible adaptation to the different screens.

With in order to provide each project with the necessary attention and space, the number of projects invited to participate is limited to a certain number determined, which has been expanded with respect to the last edition due to the high number of registrations received and their viability, as indicated by the Director of CIIF Market.

The The main selection criteria have been the quality of the projects, their diversity, the financing plan, the evolution of the script, its international vocation and the talent of the directors or producers, for which reason an attempt has been made to seek a balance between projects that may be more commercial and others with greater creative risk.

In In this sense, Guillermo Ríos wanted to show his satisfaction and gratitude to all the professionals who have signed up for this edition, since they have arrived more than 80 film projects from 15 countries and 25 works canary literary “This year we are in luck, since we have received more than 100 registrations, we are growing and for next year it is our so that even more projects can enter the market”, he pointed out the director of CIIF Market

laureano Pérez has indicated that “within the policies of the Government is the strategy internationalization operations and to support audiovisual productions we must take into account the advantages offered by the Canary Islands, such as deductions in corporate tax, that we have a differential with respect to the 20-point peninsula”, other lines of support and a series of instruments that they can strengthen the audiovisual sector on the islands. Therefore, there is to take advantage of the international visibility of CIIF Market to promote the attraction of projects, both in the advantages in terms of economic incentives and fiscal, as well as in the unbeatable locations of the Canary Islands as a destination of investments in this sector.

The The mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, for her part, stressed that “the realization of this international market is a form of entrepreneurship and diversification of the economy and enters fully into our commitment to culture and to promoting talent, especially that of the youngest”.

“We are very happy with the celebration of the new CIIF Market and that it is growing year after year, and for this it has the support of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife and of course, the entire city”, continued Patricia Hernández.

For Matilde Zambudio, Canary Islands International Film Market “is a very important for Santa Cruz, because professionals from the industry are going to meet audiovisual forming a great networking, that we, as an institution, have obligation to continue supporting, because the repercussion it has at economic is very notable, and therefore, we will be there from the City Council ”.

17 film projects and selected audiovisuals

Of all the projects received, They have selected 4 Spaniards, 1 Italian and 7 from Latin American countries: Argentina (2), Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru , whose titles are:

“He year of dirty memory”, by Reverso Films (Spain)

“Epoch of silence”, by La Dalia Films (Spain)

“The a thousand lives”, by Meridional Producciones (Spain)

“Poor Devil”, by Los Hermanos Polo & Japónica Films (Spain)

“Murder at low tide”, by Teleaut Produzioni (Italy)

“Disconnected”, from UN3TV (Argentina)

“He Preacher”, by Pennsylvania Films (Argentina)

“He dog in the year of the dog”, by Abubaya Producciones (Bolivia)

“Son de tigre”, by Los Notarios (Colombia)

“My name is Casablanca” by M Films Producciones (Mexico)

“Schafer Wanted”, by Grita media (Chile)

“Touch curfew”, by Alquette Producciones & FM (Peru)

Inside From the Focus Canarias section , 5 Canarian projects will attend the market:

“Gliese” (Kikazaru Films)

“Holocaust Vampire 2” (The Invisible Man Films)

“Imperceptible” (Glow Films Entertainment)

“My Copernican turn” (JR Productions)

“2024: Second Middle Ages“ (Ikarus Media)

All they show a great variety in the selected formats and genres, since which are projects of fiction feature films of comedy, drama, thriller, film noir, urban western and television series, achieving the highest diversity and representativeness possible.

7 Canarian literary works present in CIIF Market 2019

Regarding literary works, seven have been chosen as those with the greatest potential to be adapted to film and television screens or platforms, equally of diverse genres ranging from the fantastic to the drama, going through adventures, intrigue, romance, family, and much more, aimed at different audiences (children, juvenile and adults):

“In Search for the Kola treasure”, by the writer Edna López

“In the blue line”, by the author Luis García Rebollo

“The House of Panic, by Carlos Guillermo Domínguez

“The Indiana”, by Jorge Hernández

“The Fairy Tale Store” by Sarah Maher

“The Sins of the Baroness”, by Texy Cruz

“Black Juan”, by Francisco Estupiñán

Scheduled activities

The participants will have conferences of pitching and an agenda of meetings with possible investors, television channels, distributors, agents of sales and companies receiving the projects, among which are Televisión Pública de Canarias (RTVC), Canary Islands Connection, Tenerife Film Commission, Audiovisual Cluster of Canarias, Filmax, Latido Films, Danidog Films, Imval Productions, The Trip Films, Filmarket Hub, Macaronesia Films, Music Library & SFX, Scenic Rights, Volcano Films and Zeta Studios.

Of non-presential way, Atresmedia Cine and Movistar for Latin America too will receive the projects of films and television series, respectively, selected in the market.

By On the other hand, several conferences have been programmed and colloquiums for all attendees and interested professionals, such as the workshop on adaptation “From Literature to Cinema”, where we have the collaboration of Sydney Borjas, general director of the Scenic Rights agency , who has held prominent institutional positions related to Ibero-America, among them, as responsible for projects for the digitization of the audiovisual sector of the Ibermedia Program and has participated in more than 60 international co-productions throughout his career.

It will accompany Gervasio on the panel Iglesias, from Zeta Studios , a producer with a long history of films like “The minimum island”, “7 virgins” “Group 7” or more recently “The man with a thousand faces” and the television series for Movistar+ “La Peste”.

Besides, Gemma Pascual, Director of Development of Filmax Film Projects , will give the masterclass “ I have a script, and now, what do I do? , in which he will talk about how to give know and give the keys to present a project to the industry.

In addition, a meeting of the Canarian audiovisual sector is planned with market participants, attended by institutions and organizations under the promotional brand Canary Islands Film , which will be joined by regional companies to make themselves known among all guests to the sessions.

In the next few days it will be published on the web official market all details of each selected literary work and project, as well as the program complete with the activities open to the professional public and how to register to them, which we will also inform through social networks.

International projection of the most featured

The participants of the Selected projects will compete for various awards to focus on the abroad, which for the first time amount to five:

CIIF Market Award for the project with the greatest projection international, with an amount of 1,200 euros that must be used to attend to an international market of your choice.

Canary Islands Canary Islands Film Award for the best Canarian project, which will reward the winner with a travel grant to a sectoral market with international projection.

Filmarket Hub Award , consisting of a free one-year subscription to the online market platform, which will facilitate access to the most important companies in the sector and financing funds.

Macaronesia Films Award , which includes advisory services financial and legal regarding tax incentives in the Canary Islands.

Prize Music Library & SFX, through which the winning project will have a free flat rate limited to one production, which will allow the synchronization of the music of production of the Music Library & SFX catalogs in the content of the project.

CIIF Market trajectory

Canary Islands International Film Market It was born as Euroforum sixteen years ago and since 2014 it has been held in the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, always receiving a great welcome.

In In recent years, more than 170 professionals, 110 companies and 70 projects from 12 countries. About thirty feature films produced, with some global investment figures that exceed 65 million euros and that began their journey at CIIF Market, guarantee their success.

CIIF Market is organized by Festeam Communication and Events SL ., with the sponsorship of the Government of Canaries , via Canarias Network Culture and PROEXCA ; Cabildo de Tenerife , through the Tenerife Tourism Film Commission ; City Hall of Santa Cruz de Tenerife ; Development Society of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and the Filmax collaboration, Latido Films, Atresmedia Cine, Macaronesia Films, Filmarket Hub, Audiovisual Cluster de Canarias, Music Library & SFX, Rahn Mercedes Benz, ZEC (Special Zone Canaria), Cineuropa, LaTam Cinema, Audiovisual 451, Occidental Santa Cruz Hotel Contemporary and Hotel Iberostar Heritage Grand Mencey.