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Seventeen audiovisual projects in development and nine countries ( Germany, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Lithuania, Mexico, Portugal and the Dominican Republic ) will participate in the Canary Islands International Film Market 2023 , which will be held from June 12 to 16 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife .

Between the companies receiving the projects selected for advice and evaluation of financing and/or co-production opportunities, are Against the Current Films, The Light Agency, Poplar Productions, Atresmedia Cinema, Authentic Films, Begin Again Films, Blessed Film Sales, Buendía Studies, The Journey Films, Filmax, Heartbeat Films, Promenades Films, RTVC; RTVE, Scenic Rights, Secuoya Studios, Warner Bros. Discovery and Zul Filmes .

The project delegates will have a personal agenda for one-on-one meetings with the invited professionals and potential investors. Likewise, they will be able to attend different panels together with other market and networking activities, and opt for important prizes for their promotion and internationalization.

The Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council this morning hosted the presentation of the 19th edition of the Canary Islands International Film Market, which will be held from June 12 to 16 in the capital of Tenerife .

The act was attended by José Manuel Bermúdez Esparza, Mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife; Laura Castro , Insular Director of Tourism of the Cabildo de Tenerife; and Guillermo Ríos , Director of CIIF Market.

The official venue from CIIF Market it will be another year Hotel Iberostar Heritage Grand Mencey, where scriptwriters, filmmakers, producers, television channels, distributors, sales agents, investors and other industry professionals will meet to promote cinematographic and audiovisual creation and promote the co-production of fiction feature film projects, documentaries and series aimed at to a global market.

José Manuel Bermúdez Esparza has stated that “Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a capital that ten years ago made the decision to bet on an industry that has brought benefits, not only economically, but also in job development or dissemination. The audiovisual industry is the generator of one tenth of the contracts signed in this city, exceeding 60 recorded productions this year and more than 600 since the creation of the Santa Cruz Film Office”.

“For this reason, we must celebrate the survival for almost two decades of CIIF Market, which once again chooses Santa Cruz de Tenerife to be the setting for a forum for the audiovisual industry and a significant space for opportunities for new talent. The generation of synergies, the essence of this initiative, will be key to the future development of this industry and CIIF Market is a key element to achieve this objective”, has continued.

Laura Castro has stated that “From the Island Council of Tenerife we are clear that the audiovisual sector is a priority, one of the strategic lines to achieve an alternative economy and complementary to tourism, with 122 filming on the island, more than 9,600 jobs and an investment of 101 million euros. We continue working through the Tenerife Film Commission to help production companies find locations that help position Tenerife on the map in this area and with the next audiovisual hub, which we hope will become a reality in a short time, the industry will be consolidated so that those companies that come to shoot can hire professionals here and that we can have studios up to the level of what the sector needs”.

For the insular director of Tourism in functions of the Cabildo de Tenerife “CIIF Market is an appointment that goes precisely in that direction, to promote the Canarian production sector, to attract companies, creators and investors to make the audiovisual industry more dynamic, therefore, the Canary Islands International Film Market becomes one more tool within the actions that we have outlined in the Cabildo to create a business fabric and create an industry “.

Guillermo Ríos has stated that “To celebrate our 19th edition, the support and perseverance of the institutions has been essential, since they have always believed in the importance of the audiovisual sector. We are growing and it is evident in the Canary Islands, we live with constant filming and CIIF Market does its bit so that this continues to happen and promotes opportunities for young people and Canarian companies”.

“We add the enormous value that entities and companies that come from abroad end up giving to the event, with a great track record and recognition in the industry, present in the large international markets, but who also want to come to see projects because they are in a city open as Santa Cruz is and a closeness that is what sets us apart, building bridges and reaching agreements with other festivals and markets. This is a great source of pride for us and demonstrates the importance of CIIF Market in the audiovisual scene of the Canary Islands, being a strategic meeting point to continue attracting producers to the islands, attract investment and publicize our local industry and our advantages to professionals. international”, It is finished.

CIIF Market has the sponsorship of the Council of Tenerife; Government of the Canary Islands, through the Canary Institute for Cultural Development, Canary Islands Film and PROEXCA; Tenerife Film Commission, and the support of Turismo de Tenerife; City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife; Development Society of Santa Cruz de Tenerife; and Macaronesian Films.

Besides the collaboration, among other entities, Clúster Audiovisual de Canarias, IsLABentura Canarias, Control Freaks, MAFIZ (Málaga Festival Industry Zone), Music Library & SFX, Filmarket Hub, River Flow Pictures, SGAE Foundation, PNR (Platform for New Directors), CIMA Impulsa , ZEC (Special Canary Islands Zone), Tea Tenerife Espacio de las Artes and Rahn Mercedes Benz.

Film and audiovisual production left more than 220 million euros in the Canary Islands in 2022 , a figure that has increased exponentially in recent years, according to data provided by Canary Islands Film and PROEXCA . The increasing presence of audiovisual companies that help to consolidate the industry in the archipelago, as well as the talent of Canarian professionals and tax incentives make the Canary Islands one of the most attractive and reference places for audiovisual productions from all over the world.


In the selection of film and/or audiovisual projects, it has been valued that the project is the first time it is presented in a forum, that the production company has made at least one international co-production, the innovation in formats and the approach of new distribution and financing formulas, as well as previous works completed by the director and/or producer.

More than 80 projects have been received, which guarantees a new success of the call. In the final selection, we have tried to find a balance between commercial projects and others with greater creative risk.

In this edition 17 audiovisual projects in development phase and financing plan will participate with at least 20% already secured, coming from nine countries : Spain (8, one of them in co-production with Dominican Republic ), Chile (3, one of them in co-production with Germany ), Mexico (2), Argentina (1), Colombia (1), Portugal (1) and Lithuania (1).

Among the 17 projects are 10 fiction feature films, 1 documentary feature film, 1 docu-fiction feature film and 5 fiction series.

The seventeen projects will participate in the following sections of CIIF Market 2023 :

International Section :

“Call the manager, please!” (Manilha Films), by Hermano Moreira. Portugal (Feature Film, Comedy)

“Antichrist” (Fahrenheit), by David Herrera, Colombia (Feature Film, Thriller)

“Stolen kisses” (A Poco A Poco Producciones), by Fede Alonso, Luis Arambilet. Spain, Dominican Republic (Feature Film, Comedy)

“Black Water” (En Buen Sitio Producciones), by Natxo Leuza. Spain (Documentary feature film)

“Bloody Dunes” (Magic Film), by Andrius Lekavicius. Lithuania (Series, Thriller)

“Quartz” (Danidog Films), by Daniel Ortíz Entrambasaguas, Spain (Drama, Docu-fiction)

“Decibel” (Thousand Monkeys), by Pablo Agüero. Argentina (Series, Thriller)

“The Postman” (Inoxidable Films), by Andrés Díaz. Mexico (Feature Film, Drama)

“Between books and wine” (Gala Producciones), by Luis Fernando Zubieta. Mexico (Feature Film, Comedy)

“Mangata” (Río Estudios), by Francisca Alegría. Chile (Series, Thriller)

“Mars” (Trapo Films), by Víctor Vidangossy. Chile (Series, Drama, Thriller)

“A thousand pieces” (Latente Films), by Sergio Castro San Martín. Chile, Germany (Feature Film, Drama)

“Three women. The murder of Isabel Carrasco” (Reverso Films), by Manuel Dañino, Spain (Series)

Focus Canarias : Four Canarian projects come to this section, one of them from the VI Canarian Film Accelerator, awarded in 2022:

“Eterna” (Muak Canarias), by Tommy Llorens (Feature Film, Romantic Drama, Horror)

“A supermarket in Tigaday” (Amissus Producciones), by Paula Bilbao Aragón (Feature Film, Drama).

“Tomate” (La Magua Films), by Arima León. (Feature Film, Social Drama) .

“Los Gunchis y la ciudad perdida” (MGC Marketing Production and Cultural Management), by Patrick Bencomo Weber (Feature Film, Adventure). CIIF Market Award at the VI Canary Islands Film Accelerator.

Likewise, through the agreement reached with the SGAE Foundation and its creation laboratories, the following scripts will participate in the market from the second edition of CIIF Market Lab :

“Letter without destiny” , by Guillermo Cabot, Spain (Thriller)

“Libertad de Cátedra” , by Jeniffer Castañeda, Spain, Tenerife (Drama).


In this edition of CIIF Market , the 17 participating projects presented by video pitch will be evaluated and advised by producers, distributors , television channels , sales agents , as well as receivers , analysts and highlights national and international experts , with the presence of companies such as Against the Current Films , The Light Agency , Poplar Productions , Atresmedia Cinema , Authentic Films , Begin Again Films , Blessed Film Sales , Buendía Studies , The Journey Films , Filmax , Heartbeat Films , Promenades Films , RTVC – Radio Television Canaria ; RTVE , Scenic Rights , Secuoya Studios , Warner Bros. Discovery and Zul Filmes .

The delegates of the selected projects will have a personalized agenda of one-on-one meetings and activities with the invited professionals and potential investors to co-produce their projects, among other market and networking activities.

Conferences have been scheduled panels and conferences , in which experienced professionals will debate about trends in cinematographic and audiovisual creation, adaptations, new authors, new relationships with the publishing sector, difficulties and opportunities for the coming generations to access the job market, as well as various current issues, with the presence of Silvia Pérez de Pablos (SGAE Foundation); Constanza Arena (La Luz Agency); Lourdes Navarro (Buendía Studies); David Cotarelo (Secuoya Studios); and Sydney Borjas (Scenic Rights), among others.

CIIF Market Lab ‘s emerging talents maintain a program of training activities that host online workshops on techniques and tools for pitching, marketing strategies and individual tutorials. During the event they will also have the opportunity to meet with the attending professionals, receive advice on their script and consultancy sessions.


The 19th edition of CIIF Market will award six prizes to which all participating projects will be eligible to promote their growth and internationalization:

CIIF Market Santa Cruz de Tenerife Award for the best international project, with a cash prize and a travel grant to attend an international market of your choice.

Cabildo de Tenerife Award for the project with the greatest European scope, with free accreditation to attend a European film and/or audiovisual market of your choice.

Canary Islands Film Award to the best Canary Islands project, which will reward the winner with a travel bag to attend a sectorial market and international projection.

Filmarket Hub Award, with access to its online marketplace through an exclusive invitation to exhibit in its catalog for unlimited time for the designated project, within the curated industry area and including a script analysis of the project.

Music Library & SFX Award, the winning project will have a flat rate limited to one free production, which will allow the synchronization of production music from the Music Library & SFX catalogs into the content of the project.

MAFIZ Award , Málaga Festival Industry Zone rewards the Spanish project with the greatest co-production potential for its participation in the Spanish Copro Forum of MAFIZ 2024, the industry area of the Malaga Festival. This section includes personalized mentoring focused on detecting potential co-producers, preparing the lift pitch, and advising in terms of international distribution.