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The selected projects include twelve Spanish projects(two of them in co-production with other countries: Spain/Chile and Spain/Portugal) and six from Latin America(Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba/Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay).

Twelve fiction feature films and six series(five fiction and one documentary series) will participate in the 18th edition of the Canary Islands International Film Market in search of financing. Within the fiction genres we find comedies, dramas, thrillers, fantasy genres, social cinema, etc.

Five literary works from the Canary Islands will be evaluated for their possible adaptation to different screens in the first edition of CIIF Market Lab, a laboratory created to promote meetings and create synergies between professionals from the audiovisual and publishing industries, in addition to highlighting local talent.

Participating projects and literary works will be eligible for important prizes for their promotion and encouragement, with the aim of promoting the development and internationalization of film and audiovisual production.

This morning, the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Hall hosted the presentation of the 18th edition of the Canary Islands International Film Market, to be held from November 22 to 27 in the capital of Tenerife.

The event was attended by José Manuel Bermúdez Esparza, Mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife; Alejandro Krawietz, Island Director of Culture of the Cabildo of Tenerife; Natacha Mora, Coordinator of Canary Islands Film (Government of the Canary Islands); Javier Hidalgo, Coordinator of Audiovisual Industries of PROEXCA; and Guillermo Ríos, Director of CIIF Market.

The official venue CIIF Market will once again be the Hotel Iberostar Heritage Grand MenceyThe event will bring together authors, screenwriters, filmmakers, production companies, television channels, distributors, sales agents, investors and other industry professionals to foster film and audiovisual creation and promote the co-production of fiction feature films, documentaries and television series for a global market.

CIIF Market is configured as a strategic appointment for the Canary Islands audiovisual sector, both nationally and internationally, to attract producers, find new projects and offer the islands for filming and tax benefits.

José Manuel Bermúdez Esparza began the press conference by thanking “CIIF Market for once again choosing Santa Cruz de Tenerife as the venue for one of the most relevant markets on the Canary Islands and international scene, in a city that has a great cultural and audiovisual vocation”. “We are aware that this market generates employment and wealth in our municipality. From the City Council of Santa Cruz we have been working very closely for more than ten years with the filming that takes place in the Canary Islands in general and in Tenerife in particular,” he stressed.

Alejandro Krawietz has declared that “for the Cabildo, the audiovisual sector is of decisive importance in the cultural environment of the island and from our entity we try to create financing spaces that allow us to help consolidate the production and realization of works throughout the year. To this end, we are developing a wide range of actions, not only with the Tenerife Film Commission, but also through the Innovation Master Plan for the island of Tenerife. Betting on markets such as CIIF Market, now in its eighteenth edition and a great reference in the Canary Islands and internationally, is essential for us.

Natacha Mora pointed out that “the Canary Islands Government’s Audiovisual Department is carrying out different lines of work, such as subsidies for the production and promotion of audiovisual works, aid for the internationalization of Canary Islands production and service companies in the Canary Islands, and support through training activities”. “A market like CIIF Market is essential for our industry, as it implies a strengthening, growth and consolidation of the industry, not only of our own sector, but also of those who come from outside because they know or begin to know very well the advantages offered by the Canary Islands in every way,” he remarked.

To Javier Hidalgo “The audiovisual sector is an industry capable of creating a cultural identity of our region, declared a strategic sector for the Canary Islands economy and a growth engine in terms of job creation and investment interaction. CIIF Market has become in turn a strategic market with a long history, so events of this type help to consolidate the film and audiovisual industry in the Canary Islands and has a brand positioning task at international level to attract new producers to the Canary Islands. It is, therefore, a key element in all planning for the positioning of the Canary Islands”.

For his part, Guillermo Ríos said that “it is obvious that the Canary Islands and Tenerife society already lives with filming and understands that it is an economic engine that generates activity and wealth. CIIF Market seeks to contribute to the dynamization of the sector by attracting national and international companies and promoting meetings with Canary Islands producers. The call for participation this year has generated great interest, as we have received more than 80 projects and 40 literary works. And we are not only talking about quantity, but also about the quality of the projects registered. There are first works and independent productions, as well as other projects with directors and productions already recognized in the sector, and this shows the high level that our market is reaching”.


In the selection of film and/or audiovisual projects, it has been valued that the project is the first time it is presented in a forum, that the production company has made at least one international co-production, the innovation in formats and the approach of new distribution and financing formulas, as well as previous works completed by the director and/or producer.

In the final selection, we have tried to find a balance between commercial projects and others with greater creative risk.

Eighteen film and/or audiovisual projects in development will participate in this edition:

12 Spanish projects (2 in coproduction with other countries: Spain/Chile, Spain/Portugal)

6 Latin American projects (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba/Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay)

The 18 projects include 12 fiction feature films and 6 series(5 fiction and 1 documentary series). Within the fiction genres we find comedies, dramas, thrillers, fantastic genre, social cinema, etc.

There are 9 projects directed by women(plus 2 that are co-directed).

The eighteen projects will participate in the following sections of CIIF Market 2022:

A) National and International Section : 13 projects in the development phase and financing plan with at least 20% already secured:

“Alcanzando la Luna” (Carajito Films), by Ana Semino and Alfonso Lourido, Uruguay (Feature Film, Dramatic Comedy).

Alegre y olé” ( Batiak Films), by Clara Santaolaya, Spain (Feature, Drama).

“Diario de un infiltrado” ( Vértice 360, Biosférica Filmes), by Saúl Valverde and Samuel León, Spain, Chile (Documentary Series).

El cerrajero” ( Warrior Filmmaker), by Diego Rendón, Colombia (Series, Thriller).

La academia” ( La Otra Mirada), by María Valeria Malatino, Argentina (Series, Comedy).

La puta vida” ( Screaming Media), by Lucho Smok, Chile (Feature, Comedy).

“La tierra de Amira” ( Dexiderius Producciones Audiovisuales, Balance Media Entertainment), by Pablo Barce, Spain (Feature, Drama).

“Los años fríos” ( Zampano Producciones), by Nadia Mata Portillo, Spain (Feature, Drama).

“Los pasajeros del último viaje” ( Galaxia 311, Dany Celeiro Rodríguez), by Marta María Borrás, Cuba, Colombia (Feature, Drama).

“Los últimos días en la tierra” ( Arte Mecánica), by Bárbara Myriam Balsategui Tovar, Mexico (Feature, Drama).

“Savant” (Minded Factory, Alidra Creative), by Javi Araguz, Spain (Feature, Science Fiction, Drama, Thriller).

“Tangier” (El Gato Verde Producciones), by Benito Zambrano, Spain, Portugal (Series, Thriller).

“Todos los héroes” (Mordisco Films), by Alicia Albares and Paco Cavero, Spain (Feature, Drama, Comedy).

B) Focus Canarias3 projects in development phase and financing plan with at least 20% already secured, one of them coming from the Canary Islands Film Accelerator, awarded in 2021.

“Semillas” ( MGC Marketing, Niño Visual SAS), by Eliana Niño, Spain, Colombia (Feature Film, Drama). CIIF Market Award at the Canary Islands Film Accelerator 2021.

“Tabernas” ( Mondo TV Studios, Isla Audiovisual), by Alejandro Bazzano and Manuel Sanabria, Spain (Series, Comedy drama).

“Maybe” (Naif Films), by Arima León, Spain (Feature, Drama).

C) Awarded scripts in IsLABentura Canarias 2022: 2 scripts

Aniagua”, by Marina Rúbies (Spain), “Gateway to CIIF Canary Islands International Film Market Feature Film” Award (Feature Film, Social Drama).

“Non Trubada”, by Carolina Daza (Spain), “Catwalk to CIIF Canary Islands International Film Market TV Series” Award (Series, Fantasy).


In this edition of CIIF Market, the following will be held pitching sessions of the 18 projectswhich will be presented and evaluated by producers, receivers, analysts, sales agents and leading national and international experts, among whom we can already mention Contracorriente Films, Álamo Producciones, Alba Produzioni, Faction Films, Faction Films, El Viaje Films, Filmax, Hansen & Pedersen, Latido Films, Secuoya Studios, Radio Televisión Canariaamong others.

In addition, the delegates of the participating projects will have a personalized agenda of one-to-one meetings andactivities with invited professionals and potential investors to co-produce their projects, as well as attending different panels and debates and other market and networking activities .

The following conferences and colloquiums have been scheduled:

The rise of adaptations: old and new relationships between the audiovisual and publishing sectors”, with the participation of Joana Chilet (Adapta Market) and Ignacio Díaz (Scenic Rights).

Media Report Presentation: “How to face the challenges of a changing market”, with Peter Andermatt (Director Media Office Spain), Natacha Mora (Coordinator of Canary Islands Films), Manuel Monzón (A Contracorriente Films), Roberto Serrano, (Secuoya Studios) and Gisela Cuevas (PNR).

The selected projects will also be eligible for various prizes for their promotion abroad.


CIIF Market 2022 will award six prizes to all participating projects to promote the development and internationalization of film and audiovisual production:

CIIF Market Award to the project with the greatest international projection, with a cash prize to attend an international market of their choice.

2. Canary Islands Film Award to the best Canary Islands project, which will reward the winner with a travel bag to attend a sectorial market and international projection.

3. Filmarket Hub Award, consisting of access to its online marketplace through an exclusive invitation to exhibit in its catalog for unlimited time, within the curated industry area, and will offer a script analysis of the same.

4. Macaronesia Films Award to the project with international potential, which will receive financial and legal advisory services (project finance) regarding tax incentives in the Canary Islands.

5. Music Library & SFX Award, the winning project will have a flat rate limited to one free production, which will allow the synchronization of production music from the Music Library & SFX catalogs into the content of the project.

6. MAFIZ Award (Malaga Festival Industry Zone), two projects will be awarded to attend MAFIZ 2023, with exclusive access to all activities, conferences, forums and masterclasses of the industry area of the Malaga Festival.


CIIF Market brings as a great novelty in 2022 the launch of CIIF MARKET Lab – Canarian Literary Works Laboratory, in collaboration with the Canarian Cultural Association of Writers – ACTE Canarias, in order to increase cooperation between the film and publishing sectors.

CIIF MARKET Lab will feature 5 literary works from the Canary Islands, of various genres and aimed at all audiences, selected by a committee of experts who have evaluated the quality of the works, the talent of the authors and the feasibility of being adapted to film, television or digital platforms:

“El caso de la pensión Padrón” ( La Esfera Cultural), by Ana Joyanes and Francisco Concepción (Crime, Thriller).

“The Circle of Mirrors” (Docemasuna Publishing Services), by Falbalá Kross (Adventure, Romance, Mystery).

“The Demon Born of the Earth” (Between Books Publisher LXL), by Sarah Maher (Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery).

“El latido de Al-Mabreg” ( MAR Editor), by Pablo Martín Carbajal, (History, Politics, Adventure).

“La sombra y la tortuga” (NACE), by Alberto Omar (Comedy).

The selected works will participate in the CIIF Market Lab training activities, which will begin one week prior to the start of CIIF Market with mentoring sessions, review of dossiers y elaboration of a comprehensive analysisof the compositions to enhance their adaptation possibilities, in collaboration with the platform Adapta Market. The company will also carry out a online pitch workshopThe program will analyze how to present and sell your projects to the audiovisual industry.

The works of CIIF Market Lab will be presented at pitch sessions during the CIIF Market, whose authors, publishers and/or adaptation rights holders, will have the opportunity to hold meetings with producers and/or screenwriters interested in their works, among other actions, and will be eligible for the following prizes:

Ø Music Library & SFX AwardThe winning work will receive a flat rate, in case it is taken to different screens, or for the edition of a promotional video, limited to a free production, which will allow the synchronization of production music from the Music Library & SFX catalogs in the content of the project, through its 360º Acorde music supervision division.

Ø Adapta Market Award, in which the winning work will have free registration on the platform and the authors/publishers and/or adaptation rights holders will be able to contact producers and screenwriters interested in seeking new stories through literature and promote networking meetings.


CIIF MARKET was born almost twenty years ago with the aim of becoming a meeting point for European producers, distributors and investors to promote the international co-production of feature films, documentaries and television series for the global market.

In the sum of the last editions of the market, around 300 professionals, 160 companies and more than 100 projects from 15 countries have participated. Some thirty feature films produced, with investment figures in excess of 70 million euros, which began their journey at CIIF Market, attest to its success.

Among the advances of the projects that have participated in recent editions of the market, we can highlight some of them, such as:

“Me dicen el Panzer”, a Spanish-Panamanian co-production by Marco Toledo, which participated in CIIF Market 2018, is currently shooting in Panama and now in November in Tenerife.

Pobre diablo” ( Los Hermanos Polo, Japonica Films, Volcano International Productions and Batiak Films, Spain), an “Iberian road trip” that participated in CIIF Market 2019, where he was recognized with the Music Library & SFX Music Synchronization Award and finalist of the CIIF Market Award for the project with the greatest international projection, currently “Lo carga el diablo”, Guillermo Polo‘s debut feature film, has started shooting in the last months in Valencia, Alicante, Soria, Teruel and Tenerife. It stars Pablo Molinero (La peste), Mero González (Lo dejo cuando quiera, Valeria), Isak Férriz (Gigantes), Antonia San Juan (Todo sobre mi madre, El hoyo) and Itziar Castro (Vis a vis).

“Un vulgar y triste solitario”, by Gris Medio (Spain), directed by Efthymia Zymvragaki, now under the title. “And Now the Light Falls Vertical”, is a project that participated in the 2021 edition and that has subsequently had an extensive tour with numerous selections in different laboratories, residencies and international markets (Cannes Marché du Film Docs in Progress, Dok. Fest Munich Marketplace, Dok. Incubator in Prague, MIA in Rome, New Visions Market in Ji.hlava IFF). It is currently participating with its release in the Envision Competitive section, with a nomination for best debut feature, in the 35th edition of the prestigious International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam IDFA.

“The Bad Mother”, by Mordisco Films (Spain), directed by Alicia Albares, who was also involved in 2021, was presented in May at Fantastic 7the horror section of the Marché du Film de Cannes and previously participated in Frontières de Canadaone of the most important fantasy competitions in the world, in which it was the only Spanish project selected.

The 18th edition of Canary Islands International Film Market will follow contributing to the industrial fabric of the audiovisual sector and will continue its trajectory as important network of contacts and useful tool for participating projects, facilitating access to and knowledge about the different financing methods and the search for international co-producersstrengthening networking among the companies.

CIIF Market is organized by Festeam Comunicación y Eventos S.L., with the main sponsorship of Cabildo de Tenerife, Government of the Canary Islands, through the Canary Islands Institute for Cultural Development, Canary Islands Film and PROEXCA; Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council; Sociedad de Desarrollo de Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Tenerife Film Commission.