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Sixteen film and audiovisual productions in development are participating in CIIF Market 2021 in search of financing from today, April 28 to April 30 .

Five literary works are presented for their possible adaptation to different screens .

More than 20 recipient companies and leading international experts review and advise designers to analyze investments.

Programming of conferences and keynotes on current events in the film, television and digital platform sectors .

Eight Prizes will be awarded for the impulse and promotion of projects and literary works .


CIIF Market has selected sixteen national and international film and audiovisual projects in search of financing, among which are a wide variety of productions ( nine fiction feature films, four documentaries, one of them animated, and three television series or miniseries ) and genres (drama, comedy, thriller, horror).

Today the first pitching sessions began at the official market headquarters, the Iberostar Heritage Gran Mencey Hotel, to present the projects to potential recipients, analysts, producers, distributors, sales agents, consultants, investment funds, festival programmers , etc

National and international section

“The Worm King”, by LaConda Producciones (SPAIN). Director: Sonia Escolano. Financial Partners: Camera Obscura (Ecuador), Seven Elephants (Mexico), Medusa Films (Colombia). Feature film / Drama.

“Eskaton, stronger than death”, by Agnus Film (PARAGUAY). Director: Marcelo Torcida. Feature Film / Drama

“Herculea”, by Danidog Films (SPAIN). Director: Daniel Ortiz Entrambasaguas. Feature Film / Thriller

“The bad mother”, by Mordisco Films (SPAIN). Director: Alicia Albares. Financial Partners: In advanced conversations with Crudo Films and OnceLoops Media (Argentina). Feature Film / Horror

“The Rock and the Sea” , by Carajito Films (URUGUAY). Director: To be defined. Series / Drama / Thriller

“What we do in the shadows” , from Synopsis. (SPAIN). Director: Sara Moralo and Lucía Hernández. Documentary film

“Maine Coon” , by Los Hermanos Polo & Japonica Films (SPAIN). Director: Guillermo Polo. Feature Film / Black Comedy

“They will not pass” , by Kaboga (SPAIN). Director: To be defined. Series / Drama

“Torretta”, United Mafia” , by Solworks Films (SPAIN). Director: Alvaro Iglesias. Feature Film / Thriller

“A vulgar and sad solitary”, by Gris Medio and Thurn Films (SPAIN). Director: Efthymia Zymvragaki. Financial Partners: Thurn Films (Germany). creative documentary

“A stitch, a tear” , by Canal Cultura (COLOMBIA). Directors: Carlos Castro and Isabel Macías. Financial Partners: San Quirino Estudio, (Argentina), Ceiba Foundation (Colombia). Animated documentary “Vacio ”, by Audiovisual Atelier (ARGENTINA). Director: Esteban Insausti. Financial Partners: RTV Comercial, Cuban Music Institute, Colibrí Productions (Cuba). Feature Film / Drama

“Empty”, by Audiovisual Atelier (ARGENTINA). Director: Esteban Insausti. Financial Partners: RTV Comercial, Cuban Music Institute, Colibrí Productions (Cuba). Feature film / Drama.

The following Canarian projects participate in the Focus Canarias section:

“Let me tell you again that I love you” , by Chukumi Studio and Los Emotions. Director: Jose Victor Fuentes. Feature Film / Comedy

“El Fausto”, by Novilunio Music & Films. Director: Roberto Chinet. Financial Partners: Reverso Films (Spain). Miniseries / Thriller / Drama

“Trans-Star” by Dunes Films. Director: Bibiana Monje. Feature Film / Dramatic Comedy “Pescadores del Desierto”, by Siroco Factory. Director: Ayoze O’Shanahan. Documentary film. Winning project of the last edition of the Canary Islands Film Accelerator (program promoted by the Audiovisual Cluster of the Canary Islands and co-financed by PROEXCA and the collaboration of Canary Islands Film, the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and the University of Las Palmas), which participates in CIIF Market through the agreement reached with CLAC.


Canary Islands International Film Market has chosen the following Spanish literary compositions, of various genres and aimed at different audiences. Its authors, together with publishers and literary agents, will present their works on the market for their possible adaptation to the screens.

For their selection, the quality of the works, the talent of the authors and their potential to be adapted to film, television or digital platforms have also been taken into account.

National section.

“Buckson” (Editorial Graphite), by Víctor Araque and Rocío Estepa. Comic/ Thriller

“The correct wars” (SGAE Express Author), by Gabriel Ochoa. Dramaturgy

“Violeta mara… mara… maravilla” (LxL Editorial), by Felicitas Rebaque. Fiction/Youth

And in Focus Canarias participate:

“The heart of the birds” (Nectarina Editorial), by Elsa López. Fiction / Drama “The awakening of the ice witch” (LxL Editorial), by Sara Maher. Fiction / Juvenile


A twenty receiving companies analyze in person the cinematographic and audiovisual projects of the XVII edition of CIIF Market, among which are Secuoya Studios, Atresmedia Cine, MAFIZ (Málaga Festival Industry Zone), Latido Films, Filmax, Avalon PC, Televisión Pública de Canarias (RTVC), Tenerife Film Commission, Clúster Audiovisual de Canarias, Canary Islands Film, Macaronesia Films, Music Library & SFX , Filmarket Hub, Álamo Producciones, Scenic Rights, Bendita Film Sales, El Viaje Films or Volcano Films.

Important international experts , from countries such as Germany, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Argentina or Chile , intervene online in the pitching sessions.

Participants have the opportunity to have a personalized schedule of one-on-one meetings and networking activities which have also started today, with the invited professionals and potential investors for co-produce their projects or adapt their literary works. They may also choose to various awards for its impulse abroad.


In addition to the usual prizes awarded by CIIF Market, this year several more awards have been added, the result of new collaboration agreements carried out with different entities, to which the cinematographic and audiovisual projects participating in the market opt to promote their international projection and push abroad.

CIIF Market Santa Cruz de Tenerife Award for the project with the greatest international projection, with an amount of 1,200 euros to attend an international market of your choice.

Canary Islands Film Award for the best Canarian project, which will reward the winners with a travel bag to attend a sectorial market with international projection.

Filmarket Hub Award , consisting of the exclusive one-year registration to the official catalog of the Filmarket Hub online market, where access will be facilitated and the project will be recommended to the most important companies in the audiovisual sector and financing funds.

Macaronesia Films Award for the project with international potential, which will receive financial and legal advisory services (project finance) regarding tax incentives in the Canary Islands.

Music Library & SFX Award: The winning project will have a flat rate limited to one free production, which will allow the synchronization of production music from the Music Library & SFX catalogs in the project content, through its music supervision division 360º Chord. Once the music used is licensed, it is covered by the main rights for multiplatform broadcasting worldwide and for the life of the content.

MAFIZ Award (Málaga Festival Industry Zone) , two projects will be awarded with free accreditation to attend all the activities of the next edition of the industry area of the Malaga Festival.

This year, for the first time, the following prizes will be awarded to the literary work or works with the greatest potential and feasibility of adaptation to film, television or digital platforms.

Music Library & SFX Award for Literary Work: You will enjoy a flat rate, in the event that it is taken to the different screens, limited to a free production, which will allow the synchronization of the production music from the Music Library & SFX catalogs in the content of the project, through its musical supervision division 360º Acorde.

Adapta Market Award: The book will obtain free registration for one year on the online platform Adapta Market, an initiative recently created by Nautilus Gestió Cultural i Comunicació, with the collaboration of the Institut Valencià de Cultura and the Associació d’Editors del País Valencià. The author, the publisher and/or literary agents will be able to contact producers and scriptwriters interested in finding new stories through literature and promoting these meetings and networking.


In this edition of CIIF Market, several days of conferences and keynotes have been scheduled with leading experts on current cinematographic and audiovisual events , which can be followed online openly by all professionals interested in our YouTube channel.

Today, Wednesday, April 28 , the conference “UPDATE ON THE TAX INCENTIVE” was held, given by Jaime Sanz , director of Macaronesia Films .

Natacha Mora, coordinator of Canary Islands Film, audiovisual department of the Government of the Canary Islands; and Pilar Moreno, director of the Investment Attraction department of PROEXCA (public company attached to the Ministry of Economy, Knowledge and Employment of the Government of the Canary Islands), have addressed the audiovisual sector in the Canary Islands and the work they carry out from their respective departments.

You can see the conference again at this link .

Tomorrow Thursday, April 29, at 12:30 p.m. (Canary Islands time), the Keynote will take place “EVOLUTION AND TRENDS OF FICTION IN SPAIN: CONFLUENCE OF FORMATS AND SITUATION OF INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTION BEFORE THE ARRIVAL OF PLATFORMS” , in which we will have David Martínez , director of Fiction Content at Secuoya Studios; and Antonio Saura , CEO of Latido Films .

With the presence of Alfonso Cabello , councilor responsible for the Development Society of Santa Cruz de Tenerife ; who will expose the importance of filming for a city, and Jairo López, manager of the Canary Islands Audiovisual Cluster , moderator of the presentation and who will talk about fiction in the Canary Islands.

It will be broadcast live online through this link .

On Friday, April 30, at 11:00 a.m. (Canary Islands time), the Keynote “FROM BOOKS TO CINEMA AND TV, HOW TO DEAL WITH PLATFORMS” will be held, offered by Sydney Borjas , general director of Scenic Rights.

He will be accompanied by Concha Díaz Ferrer, coordinator of the Tenerife Film Commission , and Guillermo Ríos , director of CIIF Market, who will address filming in Tenerife and the development of the co-production market.

It can be followed via streaming and open at this link .

All the extended information of the conference program can be seen in the Program/Conferences Section of the CIIF Market website , as well as the productions in development and selected literary works in its 17th edition, the rest of the participants and images of the market: www